Jay Hoffman has been in the auction business for more than twenty years. It all started with Dallas Can Academy, where Jay’s brother-in-law was leading a charity auction. Jay went along as the role of Bidder Assistant. It wasn’t long before Jay was hooked on the excitement of auctions, and trained under his brother-in-law to become an Auctioneer.¬†Within the year of his first auction, Jay earned his full Auctioneer License.

Jay loves doing different types of auctions, including charity auctions and estate auctions. His favorite part of the auction process is watching the bid go up and knowing how to work the crowd so that they spend a lot while having a great time. He also loves meeting different people and seeing the regulars at auctions.

In addition to leading auctions himself, Jay also partners with other organizations such as:

If you have any questions about the auctions, fundraising, or planning auction events, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jay! He would love to help you decide if an auction is the best method for your event or estate. Email Now!