JMH Auctioneer Service offers a variety of auction services to fit your needs. Whether you are hosting an event, a fundraiser for your non-profit or charity, raising money for your business, or are looking to auction antique or estate items, we have services to customize for your needs.

Auctions with Jay Hoffman

Jay can auction at your event! A live auction helps to raise funds and brings an additional level of entertainment and professionalism to your fundraising
event. With a live auction, guests will be excited to participate and have an opportunity to bid on unique items. A professional, licensed auctioneer brings the level of experience needed to entertain the crowd and help the bids to go up, up, UP!

Guests will enjoy their evening, spend more for your cause, and never feel pressured to buy items they do not want.

Jay brings the right balance of providing a competitive atmosphere to his auctions without pushing guests into unwanted purchases. A licensed auctioneer is crucial to live auctions to ensure the evening goes as planned, taking the stress off the event planning committee. Relax and enjoy your event knowing that you have an experienced auctioneer helping you with your event!

Auctions with Dean McCurry Auction Services

For large events, or events requiring more specialty customization or planning, Jay Hoffman partners with professional charity auctioneer and mentor, Dean McCurry. Dean’s auction services include additional value-add services, including entertainment booking, event planning, live entertainment items, and exclusive access to trips and experiences to provide the extra WOW factor to your events. With Dean McCurry, clients also have the option to use top of the line bidding technology with Qtego mobile bidding. Bring your silent auctions to the 21st Century with Qtego. ┬áIf you are interested in learning about how custom value-add experiences and items can take your event to the next level, we are here to address all your needs!

Auctions with Trinity Public Auto Auctions

For vehicle auctions, Jay partners with Trinity Public Auto Auctions, a car auction business that is open to the public for vehicle auctions each Saturday. With the convenience of Trinity, any individual may come to purchase a vehicle through auction. Buy like the dealers do, without the hassle of needing a dealer license. Trinity is open to the public and allows all adults to be included in the bidding. Registration occurs every Friday and Saturday morning and auctions begin each Saturday at 10:00 am.

Whatever your needs are, know that you will be in professional and trustworthy hands with JMH Auction Services. Whether you need advice, direction, or have questions, Jay can help you make the decisions that are right for your individual needs. Let his professionalism and experience speak for itself, and give Jay a call today!