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“Money Bag”

by jmhauctioneer

There are always different ways to raise monies for a charity event. Like Heads or Tails before the live I have a new idea called Money Bag. Pass around a paper bag and folks drop money in the bag of a minimum of $10.00. Once this has been collected then we auction off the Money […]

School Fall Carnival and Auction

by jmhauctioneer

Well, school will be in before we know it. Now is the time to think of the Fall Carnival event for your school or organization needing to raise some much needed funds. Looking for an exciting and fun professional Auctioneer then contact me. I can help raise monies for your organization. Check out my testimonial page. […]

Heads or Tails

by jmhauctioneer

A great way to earn extra dollars for your organization is to play Heads or Tails. This gets the bidders loose and ready for the Live Auction. You ask, how do we play. Have everyone who wants to participate hold up $20, or any domination of your choice. Once this has been collected then we […]

Live vs Silent Auction

by kelly

When hosting and event, I see most folks have a silent auction along with a few live items. Having a live auction brings you in more money than silent. Once someone bids on the silent then that’s it, until next person comes along. With live auction the auctioneer can push for the extra bid you […]